Key Advantages Of Having Family Fleet Insurance

If there are multiple vehicles in your household, it would be a good idea to think about purchasing family fleet insurance. There are many benefits to choosing this as opposed to an individual policy, including the following:

Saving Money

As most people know, insurance is not cheap, but it is a necessary expense that cannot be avoided. One advantage of a family fleet policy is the fact that you are able to save money. If you have drivers under the age of 25 on a traditional policy, it is common for insurance companies to increase your monthly premium significantly. When you have this type of coverage, you will still have to pay a bit extra since younger drivers are considered a liability, but it is typically less than usual. If you have more than one young driver in the home, this can be a significant amount of savings.

Older vehicles also cost more to insure so if you have cars or vans past their prime consider selling your van to m3commercials and upgrade to a newer model.

In addition to all of the money you can save this way, opting for an annual payment is another way to save a great deal on premiums. Some people avoid this because the upfront costs are so large, but if you split the costs with all of those who will be covered, it would be more reasonable and help you keep more money in your pocket.

Customised Policies

When you sign up for family fleet car insurance, they are able to customise a policy according to the needs of your family. Since everyone does not have the same vehicle type and driving style, it only makes sense that an insurer is able to consider that when creating the perfect policy. For instance, you may have a classic car that you only drive when the weather is really nice, yet your spouse has a newer, economy vehicle that they drive to work and back every day. You could benefit from a low mileage policy while they would have to opt for a typical policy that covers cars that have heavy usage.

Another good thing is that you are able to add names to each of the individual vehicles that are on the policy. If you have a car that is very expensive and/or the younger adults in the home are not allowed to drive them, you can omit their names from the policy so you will not have to pay extra in order to cover them.


It is much easier to keep track of all the auto insurance in the home if they are all covered by one payment. Trying to keep track of different policies for every vehicle can be really exhausting, especially if you have more than a handful of them. Instead of taking a chance and trying to juggle a large number of payments, which may have different due dates, everything gets paid at once.

This will also help immensely if you or someone else in your home is quite forgetful and often misses payments and has to pay all kinds of fees as a result. Since everyone will be responsible for having the payments in on time, it is not likely that it will go unpaid. In addition, if you opt for the annual policy that was mentioned above this is definitely not something that you will have to worry about.

Every day, more people across the UK are forgoing individual policies and signing up for family fleet insurance. As you can tell, you can save a lot of time, hassle and money. If this is something that you are interested in, you should do some research, get a few quotes and see what is available to you.

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